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"The brand that gives spirit to steel" Dağlıoğlu Arms

Dağlıoğlu Arms

First seeds of DAGLIOGLU ARMS were planted by Durdu Dağlıoğlu who was born in 1959, in İskenderun – Hatay when he was just 10 years old. At that very young age, he saved his pocket money and bought a rasp. He rasped a piece of steel out to a pistol. In other words, he made his own toy pistol and it was a lifelong one produced by raw steel. That steel toy constitutes the core of our production policy: “Ensoul the steel and make the most of it”.

In 1990, he started his own business as a dealer & repairman in İskenderun and taught his mastership to his sons.

Based on his father’s great knowledge, Fatih DAĞLIOĞLU -owner of DAGLIOGLU ARMS- started his own business in 2002 in Şanlıurfa. In this business, he was dealing with fixing the broken rifles & shotguns. Almost all of the firearms seemed ordinary to him; apart from AK-47. He has always been fascinated by its accuracy and quite fast firing capability. Such a fascination inspired the idea of producing that model as a shotgun. Then, he started DAGLIOGLU ARMS in December 2015.

Now, DAGLIOGLU ARMS is carrying its activities with a capacity of regular 750 pcs of shotguns per month and over 40 employees.